Cero Generation

Prosotsani Drama, Greece

Project Delfini

Project Delfini is a 100MW solar PV project in Prosotsani Drama, Greece.

Helping to deliver clean energy to communities and businesses across Greece, the project will accelerate progress towards the country’s goals of reaching 70% renewables share in the power consumed locally by 2030.

Project Delfini is a pioneer and game-changer; it is one of the first Greek solar projects that will use a private power purchase agreement and not leverage government subsidies on electricity costs, and is also the first renewable project to have benefited from the Next Generation EU Recovery and Resilience Facility.

It is progressing well through its early works, and, once completed, will generate 142 GWh of electricity per year, equivalent to powering 34,000 homes and the avoidance of 63,000 tonnes of CO2e emissions.

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