Latina, Italy

Project Pontinia

Project Pontinia is a 70MW agrivoltaic solar PV plant, located in the province of Latina, in the Lazio region of Italy. It is one of the first of its kind in Italy, supporting the nation’s goals to cut carbon emissions by 60% by 2030.

It is expected to reach commercial operation in Q2 of 2023, and once completed, it will generate enough renewable electricity to power the equivalent of over 47,000 homes, leading to the avoidance of around 40,000 tonnes of CO2e emissions per year.  Additionally, as an agrivoltaic plant, 65% of the 135 hectares that Pontinia sits on will be used for agricultural crops. 

Further positive impact will be delivered through the collaboration between Cero and a social farm. The social farm will be responsible for cultivating crops across the site using biodynamic and fuel-efficient methods, and in doing so will provide opportunities for the reintegration of vulnerable or socially excluded people.

As one of the largest grid-parity solar projects to reach financial close in Italy, Pontinia is at the forefront of the shift to subsidy-free solar PV projects in the country.  The project’s revenues are underpinned by two long-term corporate Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) making it one of the first corporate PPA project financings in Italy.  

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