Cero Generation


Our leadership team is made up of highly experienced sustainability professionals, who have been at the forefront of energy markets for twenty years

Ruben Lopez Massa

Vice President

Achim Schlegel

Construction Director

Marta Sanchez Lopez

Portfolio Director

Delphine Balzli

Senior Financial Controller

Jacqueline Ho

Vice President

Iva Jukic

Head of Development - Germany

Amanda Harlall

FP & A Manager

Diya Bhujun

FP & A Manager

Alex Symon

People & Culture Director

Pablo Garcia Gonzales

Grid Manager

Julien Quévy

Development Manager

Trinh Vo Cero Generation

Trinh Vo

Commercial Asset Manager

Bruno Inacio

Head of Financial Planning & Analysis

Pete Allen - Cero Generation

Pete Allen

Head of Asset Management

Luis Alarco Lopez

Senior Development Manager

Tom Thornhill - Cero Generation

Tom Thornhill

Head of Treasury

James Taggart - Cero Generation

James Taggart

Vice President

Edward Northam

Non-Executive Director

Kym Harper

Senior Investment Manager

Raphael Raggatt

Procurement & Technical Delivery Director

Alberto Mata Bouza

Investment Director

Andrew Alkiviades

Investment Director

Tadgh Cullen

Head of Energy Storage

Francesca Di Carlo - Cero Generation

Francesca Di Carlo

Non-Executive Chairperson

Dino Markantonis


Chris Waples - Cero Generation

Christopher Waples

Non-Executive Director

Ola Rosłon

Development Executive

Karol Wakulicz

Development Executive

Glen Meads

Engineering Design Manager

Carlos Martin-Consuegra Trias

Treasury Manager

Jurga Arste Cero Generation

Jurga Arste

Executive Assistant & Office Manager

Miroslaw Polec

Head of Development - Poland

Eric Elbaz

Head of Development - France

Giacomo Carugo

Development Manager

Raffaele Galata

Head of Development - Italy

Sabina Szumigala

Development Manager

Sarah Jane Smith Cero Generation

Sarah-Jane Smith

Technical Asset Manager

Katerina Pourtoulidou

Development Manager

Stefanos Lialios

Country Director - Greece

Charles Cresswell

Director of Grid

Shafqat Ali

FP&A Manager

Gaetano Gammieri

Construction Project Manager

Matt Edgar - Cero Generation

Matthew Edgar

Non-Executive Director

Vineet Mohan

Non-Executive Director

Aditya Pandey


Alberto Asensio Suarez


Krizia Ciravolo

Executive Assistant & Office Manager

Tom Ruck

Senior Corporate Operations Manager

Emma Mezzasalma - Cero Generation

Emma Mezzasalma

Talent Acquisition Lead

David Navarro Cero Generation

David Navarro

Project Design Engineer

Mahrukh Shafqat

Reporting & Audit Manager

Ivo Dimitrov Cero Generation

Ivo Dimitrov

Senior Business Planning & Analysis Manager

Patrick O'Connor

Energy Storage Commercial Analyst

Samira Ahmed

People Partner

Christopher Angell

Senior Development Manager

Charlie Bell

Development Executive

George Kormpakis Cero Generation

George Kormpakis

Senior Development Manager

Isabel Hofhein Cero Generation

Isabel Hofheinz

Senior WHSEQ Manager

Shanita McLean

Senior Treasury Manager

Alexandra Hayes

Document Control Manager

Steven Fearnley

Head of International Tax

Mario Salso Cero Generation

Mario Salso

Head of Construction & HSE, Spain

Sam Newman - Cero Generation

Sam Newman

Non-Executive Director

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