Cero Generation

We identify, develop, build and operate solar energy and battery storage projects

Utility-scale solar development

We’re focused on utility scale solar PV projects and develop leading technologies, with many involving the potential for integrated battery storage.

We both develop projects in-house and also co-develop projects with local partners, having established a track record of converting conceptual pipelines into several GW of assets.


We identify

We have a passionate, diverse team of in-house experts that identify potential sites, carry out early-stage feasibility analyses including market research and policy analysis, and design solutions that create value.

We develop

 We design projects, identify funding partners, secure permitting and have agreed PPAs with major organisations. including Centrica, Heineken and Philips.

We build

We work with specialist constructors to build high performance projects, and seek to deliver best in class safety performance, optimise our infrastructure and strengthen governance for each project.


We operate

We take solar projects through to energisation, and work with partners to operate and maintain them. Our portfolio is underpinned by our focus on delivering an outstanding employee and partner experience.

Case Studies

Solar Farm Prosotsani Drama, Greece

Latina, Italy

Project Pontinia

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Cero Generation Team Prosotsani Drama, Greece

Prosotsani Drama, Greece

Project Delfini

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Montalto di Castro

Montalto di Castro, Italy

Project Castrum

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Sardinia, Italy Solar Farm

Sardinia, Italy

Project Bolotana

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Aerial shot top view of solar panel photovoltaic farm

South Gloucestershire, England

Project Larks Green

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